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I might have procrastinated with this post. A lot. "Forgot" would do as well in this case. I'm going to blame it on Mel and that she has done my work for me so now I have no motivation to put it up. Not really. It's just my plain old laziness speaking. Go figure. And yet, here I am, and I'm finally working up the energy to post the first non-me post of the Snap It feature. If you don't know what this is about you are so 2009. Fix it, and go read the introductory post. We're in 2014, hellooo.

So here are the photos, and I wasn't joking when I said Mel done my work for me as she provided me with descriptions of the photos, which I was supposed to do. I'm going to pretend I didn't read them and that this is totaaally improvising. You too, you should pretend I only know Mel by her blog.

1. Sooo, the first photo. It presents Mel and her boyfriend. No biggie. No idea where that could be but it looks nice. Kind of like Scotland too. If you've been here Mel, and you didn't visit me I'm gonna flip out and take you with me.  Also the water looks nice in the photo, like silk or other nice material. Very posh.

2. Here is a collection of Disney movies, which is no biggie to decipher since Mel is aaaall about Disney. Also she looks like one of the princesses. The collection of the movies alone must be equal to half of my collection of books. Dammit Mel, you stealer of joy. Ha! But I own some Disney movies as well, High School Musical counts right?

3. I didn't even need help here since I read the post about the career Mel chose. Seems like torture for me since I took it easy and applied to English Literature. No bright future for me, that's for sure. Mel's life is all about Biology. Also the English Language, I like to think. A lot of these textbooks are in English. You wouldn't find any evidence of me studying at all, in my room. I avoid textbooks more than fire.

4. HARRY POTTEEEEER. MUCH HP. MANY JOY. I'm saying, Mel is probably obsessed with it. But who isn't right? She can be justified from this huge collection. Obviously, Harry Potter played a huge role in Mel's reading life, hence all those editions.

5. So I am guessing this is somewhere in Rome (I'm a bit obsessed with the mythology, and ancient Rome & Greece. Who knew?). I'm probably wrong though. I'm gonna say that this is supposed to represent travelling and Mel being an enthusiast of it. Very nice. I approve.

6. Not only is Mel bookish and smart, and posh with the velvet looking water but also she's artsy. Damn gurl, stop being like that. The picture represents both her passion for Disney and painting. I approve x2.

7. This is where I start crying. Like honest to God sobbing. This is only a PART of Mel's bookshelf. Like what the fudge? We all know Mel is a huge reader, and a great book blogger, and she's very bookish but this is overboard. Colour me green. Or dead by this point.

Mel is definitely quite something, eh? Love both the pictures, and things they represent about her. Like I would have never thought that Mel paints! Or that I would ever become as jealous of someone, and their bookshelf. Did any of these things surprise you? A question to Mel: did I got it right? (TSK.) Does this feature make any more sense now? I feel like I made it to torture myself and envy other people's lives.

xo, sandra.

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  1. 1. I've unfortunately never been to Scotland, but I want to! It's actually at a lake in Italy :D
    2. I almost have all the Disney movies. I hope to have them all by the end of this year! I look like one? I WISH!
    3. I actually like showing my books. I'm proud of what I study :D And yes, it's also about English. Almost everything that is published is English, because that way, every country can use your work :)
    4. Yes, a huge role <3 It showed me so many things.
    5. I don't even know where this was exactly, but Italy yes. It's definitely supposed to represent travelling! I love seeing other cultures and countries + the warm weather. I can't wait to travel and see more of the world :)
    6. Correct, I used to draw/paint a lot, but I haven't done it in a while. I hope to pick it up again.
    7. Hahaha.

    I'm sorry for providing you with some text. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I just.. did it :p

    1. 1. Haha you totally should. It's an amazing visit. It's not as amazing to live in, but you have to try it before you realise that ;)
      2. SEE? You even act like one.
      3. As you should. Let everyone see how sart you are :D
      5. Hmmmm... I meant to say Italy instead of Rome. I think I'm a bit too into mythology and forget that Rome is called Italy in modern times. Shame on me.
      6. Haha I have periods of being "creative" when I get really inspired for few days and paint/draw AAAAALL the things, and then don't have the energy to do anything. And back and forth.

      Haha that's completely fine! Thank you for agreeing to participate, my friend ;)

  2. AHHH I like this feature! I'm totally jealous of Mel's bookshelves because I want! Art, biology and books <3 <3 Some of the best things in life, imho. I want to see more of the world, too, but living in the US makes it slightly harder when most of the places I want to see are in Europe. D:

    1. Well, you have some awesome places to visit in the US too! :D

  3. Ooh, the sea!! *.* I'm getting familiar with Disney and its a nice experience. And Mel introduced me to Once Upon A Time so it's thanks to her!
    Sandra, we should steal her books! We can do it! Just leave the textbooks and take the rest! I need the HP set anyway.

    I didn't know Mel paints! She should take it up again!!

    1. I'm always happy to spread the love for Disney/fairy tales :D Noooo, don't steal my books *my precious*

  4. Mel, I am soo jealous of your bookshelf! It is...GORGEOUS. Your painting of Belle is really fantastic too and I love that you have most of the Disney movies. Wouldn't it be great to just sit down one day and marathon all your favourite? Heaven. And cool that you went to Italy! I've always wanted to go.

    Lovely feature. I can't wait to see more! :)

    1. That's what I do all the time, to be honest, haha. I love my Disney marathons :p

  5. I'll just... take those bookshelves. And ladder. And the books. I will have it all, please.

  6. OMG NUMBER 7. WHHHEEEEEWW SO PRETTY! And the painting is so gorgeous too! And her and her boyfriend, so cute! Like Annie, I love this feature and absolutely can't wait for more. :D

  7. Lol you :P

    I had no idea Mel was such an artist! The silhouette of Belle is just beautiful :3


    1. Artist is a rather big word, haha, but thanks :D